The natural nitrogen-fixer for sustainable turf management

Microclover® makes turf management easier

Turf managers want healthy, green turf all year round. But local legislation often puts restraints on the use of water and fertiliser, which makes turf management more difficult, more costly and compromises quality. Microclover® can ease the problem of keeping your turf green, lush and sustainable. Microclover® is a legume with the natural ability to fix nitrogen from the air. To make the most of this ability, we developed our unique small leaved Microclover® specifically for use with turf.

Increased drought tolerance 

Microclover® grows low between your turf plants, maintaining an even distribution, while supplying your turf with all the nitrogen it needs. Microclover® blends in well with turf species to provide a dense, uniform appearance, and a more drought-tolerant turf that stays green longer. 


Sustainable turf management with Microclover®

By adding Microclover® to your turf mixture, your turf has its own built-in fertiliser. As the clover grows between its companion turf plants, it feeds them with nitrogen. It can do this because Microclover® develops root nodules that convert atmospheric nitrogen into a natural fertiliser. The process of nitrogen release continues throughout the growing season until the first frosts. The nitrogen is available when and where it is needed, without risk of leaching or of fertiliser burning in the field. Since Microclover® can generate as much as 180 kg N per ha per year, this natural route to nitrogen fixing can significantly reduce your need for artificial fertiliser. The competitiveness of Microclover® is also beneficial. The plant quickly fills gaps to lock out weeds and reduce the need for herbicides. Since herbicides may harm Microclover®, they’re best avoided.

Increase the wear-tolerance of your turf

The appearance of turf containing Microclover® is superior to that of traditional turf. The Microclover® fertilises the field to increase its wear tolerance. At the same time it weaves its stolons into the turf, spreading and integrating evenly for a harmonious visual look. In so many ways Microclover® improves the performance of even the highest ranking, wear tolerant varieties.

Improved visual appearance 

During drought and cold weather, clover stays green for much longer than grasses do. Pitches, courses or fields containing Microclover® look greener earlier and later in the year. Summer colour is better too because the deep rooting system of Microclover® makes it tolerant to drought. When mown low, the tiny leaves and short stems of Microclover® look – from a distance – like ordinary turf. They provide a good visual fit with your turf mixture.