The New Nitrogen Seed Coating for significantly stronger and faster establishment 

High quality grass seed with all the nitrogen needed for fast effective establishment in a single coating.

As the fertiliser is coated directly onto the seeds, the germinating and developing seedling receives the full benefit of the additional nutrition, not the surrounding plants.

The roots and shoots grow rapidly developing strong, vigorous plants. This is particularly important when overseeding into a compettitive sward.

Improved seeding results, guaranteed!

Faster, more uniform establishment and Reduced costs.

  • Labour saving and cost effective
  • Targeted nutrient application, can reduce losses to the environment by 50%
  • Replaces seedbed fertiliser
  • Improved stress tolerance
  • Up to 34% more plants and up to 30% increase in root growth
  • Increased wear tolerance 
  • Reduced Poa annua
  • ProNitro germinates rapidly
  • Reduced weed invasion 
  • Strong root development
  • Stronger healthier plants 

Environmentally friendly, labour saving and cost effective  

ProNitro focuses on improving nutrient utilisation during the early stages of plant growth. ProNitro mixtures contain high quality seed from DLF, only cultivars with superior performance characteristics and seed lots with high vigour are selected for coating. ProNitro contains a combination of both fast acting and slow release nitrogen encapsulated with a smooth outer coating for improved seed flow.

ProNitro coated seed germinates rapidly with strong root development 

ProNitro replaces the need for traditional pre seed fertilisers and can decrease leaching by up to 50%



New Seed coat technology now available exclusively on selected Johnsons Sports Seed and Masterline mixtures 

PM51 Nitro Greenscape 
Product formulation 10% N


PM80 Nitro Renovator
Product formulation 10% N


Product formulation 10% N


J Nitro TEE
Product formulation 10% N 


Product formulation 10% N


Product formultion 10% N


Product formulation 10% 


J Nitro  4TURF
Product formulation 10% N 


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